Manna is a responsible overseas domestic helper agency. Our purpose is to serve every customer with our hearts. To recommend suitable helpers for customers, we value and care the needs of every customer. We provide a lot of high-quality foreign domestic helpers, such as Filipino maids, Indian maids, foreign maids and finding a suitable and happy home for every foreign domestic helper is our most significant responsibility. After our evaluation and interview, we believed that we can create the most suitable working environment for employers and domestic helpers, also become the harmonious working partners.

Manna values and cares about the needs of our customers, also committed to establish the familial relationships between employers and helpers, especially the feeling as family. We committed to act as an intermediary bridge to maintain a good relationship between the employer and the helper, as well as communicate with employers and helpers continuously.

As a responsible employment center, Manna will understand your needs with patience and meticulous. We will provide different employment information for employers, such as contract renewal, the expiration of employment passports and Hong Kong visa, etc. from time to time. We listen and pay attention to the opinions of our customers, and care of the employers and helpers. We hope that Manna becomes the most responsible employment center in your mind.