*** All Hong Kong civil servants, educators, employees of major banks are eligible for a 20% discount. (Requires displaying work certifications) * The above offer cannot be used simultaneously with other promotions offered by the Company. ***

Documents that employers need to submit

Please submit the following supporting documents through the applicant:

  • Please present a copy of the employer's Hong Kong identity card. If the employer is not a Hong Kong permanent resident, please also include a copy of the employer's travel document (including personal information and the pages with the latest Hong Kong visa)
  • Please present the most recent tax bill of your employer (issued by the Inland Revenue Department); Or the latest 3-month autopay salary account certificate to prove that the employer's annual salary exceeds HKD$180,000.- or the monthly salary is HKD$15,000.- or above;
  • Or pay slips of last 3 months, or bank time deposits over HKD$350,000 of last 6 months (To employ 2 helpers, the employer's annual salary is HKD$180,000 x 2 or not less than HKD$700,000 of time deposit.- etc.)
  • Copy of marriage certificate or copy of the birth certificate (if the applicant's name is different from the proof of financial income or proof of address)
  • Please present the original and copy of the water/gas/rates/residential telephone/electricity or cable TV bills registered by the name of the employer in the last three months (mobile bills will not be accepted). The original documents will be returned by the applicant
  • The name, Hong Kong identity card number, and the work permit’s validity date of current/past helper
  • Address must be in English

* For other enquiries please refer to www.labour.gov.hk